Soft Launch Introductions

Feb 21, 2019 14:28 · 274 words · 2 minute read

Hello world and more specifically, hello fellow group leaders!

After a long time in my head and later development I’m really excited to soft launch this site, named: Group Leadership Club.

This site is dedicated to group leaders. Our goal is to help them start, run and sustain their own meetup groups. Through articles and a community forum we work to answer questions and provide guidance.

I say soft launch since the actual forum for the site will come a bit later and I would still like to proof read some of the content once more. However, I wanted to get the hosting worked out and figured I’d keep it public and invite a few friends to check it out in-progress.

If you do spot any typos or issues, please let me know.

About Your Host

If we are strangers, hello. My name is Mike Zornek and I built this site because I’m a huge believer in the power of meetup groups. After helping run a local programming group for many years I have a lot of tips to share and I figured the web would be a good place for organizers to share and discuss their own observations.

One Checklist to Rule Them All

The first big content drop comes in the form of a large checklist that reviews what to think about when brainstorming a new group or running your existing group. There is a ton of content in there and hopefully it will spark some future forum discussions and other blog posts.

If you don’t see your personal topic of interest, let me know and we’ll add it to the list.

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